0159-Girl from the back (1925)

Oil on canvas, 73,5 x 103 cm Museo nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid

Click on the image for a large view and details
Girl from the back (1925)
Jeune fille de dos (1925)

Analysis: “Girl from the Back” was painted in 1925, using oil on canvas. The girl in the painting is Ana Maria, Dalí’s younger sister. She was also the model for “Figure at a Window“. Seated Girl was included in Dalí’s first solo exhibition at the Dalmau Gallery in Barcelona in 1925, where it was viewed favorably by Pablo Picasso, who Dalí was to meet in Paris the following year.
The painting is almost Classical in style; it is simple and harmonious in content and form, harking back to an earlier period of art that was in revival at the time. As with “Figure at a Window”, Dalí has painted Ana Maria from the rear so that her face is not seen. This viewpoint, while lending the picture an air of intrigue, ensures that the viewer’s eye is drawn, like the girl’s, to the landscape ahead. The golden-brown of the girl’s skin contrasts with the white of the rectangular buildings that stand in the sun ahead of her. The distant hills to the right of the picture repeat the exact color of her skin. The curve of the girl’s naked shoulder accents the lines and corners of the buildings.
Source: dali-gallery.com

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